We, as a leading Vehicle Rental in Nepal, provide brand new & cheap price Vehicles rental in Nepal.

The most preferred choice Vehicle Rental company in Nepal.

We are a leading Vehicles rental company in Nepal. But, the difficult thing is; finding the right car hire company in Nepal. We offer different types of vehicles on rent depending upon the number of persons or the group size. One can find the desired vehicles he/she needs.
As per the group size consisting of 4-5 persons, hiring a car will be a better option. If the group size is of 6-7 persons, we recommend you to hire a van. Or if you want more comfort, you might hire a jeep. Similarly, a group of 10-12 persons can hire a Hiace. If the group is of 25 persons, you might need the minibus. We recommend Coaster for the group of 25 persons who likes to travel in a luxurious manner because though it is expensive than minibus but it offers the additional facilities like AC, TV, fans and many more. For the group size of 35-40 persons, obviously the Big Bus is the option. For the comfort and luxurious travelling experience, you can hire a Sutlej Bus.
The cars that we provide are fully air conditioned, luxurious, clean, comfortable, well maintained and timely serviced. We don't just provide cars, but also provide brand new, well maintained fleet of van, jeep, mini buses as well as deluxe bus that can accommodate any group of people. We hope you will remember us for renting vehicles at cheap price in Nepal.
We hope you will remember us for renting vehicles at cheap price in Nepal.

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